march to april 2010 072Hello, my name is Mitzy and this is my very own website. I am a pedigree blue tortie Burmese.

This photo is of me!

I get up to all sorts of mischief! My favourite toy is a little tigger. I like to throw it around and unfortunately I have been a bit rough with it and he has had a leg amputation! I carry it around the house and hide it in all sorts of places.


IMG017-01Here I am, doing what I do best!

About to go to sleep!

I love sleeping – I spend most of my day asleep! I only wake up to have something to eat and play with the humans until they get tired.

october 2010 004Here I am with one of my favourite toys.

It’s a toy nemo. I’ve had him since I was 12 weeks old and I came to live here.

He’s looking a bit worn now but I have got another toy to play with instead – a small tigger!