Category: Trivial Firsts

First Web Page

The first web page was developed by Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN laboratories. Not surprisingly it detailed the World Wide Web. Unfortunately that original page no longer exists but a later version does exist.

First Web Browser

The first web browser was developed by Tim Berners-Lee and was called WorldWideWeb. This was later changed to Nexus to avoid confusion.

First UK TV Series to be Filmed in Colour

The first UK TV series to be filmed entirely in colour was Stingray in 1964.

There had been colour programmes produced in the UK prior to this but not a whole series.

In 1956/7 a series called The Adventures of Sir Lancelot were initially filmed in black & white but then they changed to colour for export to the USA.

It should be noted that colour transmission didn’t start in the UK until 1967.

First Radio Broadcast

The first ever broadcast of the human voice took place on December 24th 1906 by Reginald Fessenden.

He broadcast from Brant Rock near Boston, Massachusetts to several ships at sea owned by the United Fruit Company.

He transmitted Christmas greetings and a recording of Handel’s Largo.

First Pedestrian Killed by a Car

Bridget Driscoll was the first person to die after being hit by a car travelling at 12mph on 17th August 1896. She stepped off the curb in Crystal Palace.

First Email

The first email was sent towards the end of 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. Contrary to popular belief it is unknown exactly what the contents were.

First Driving Licence

The first driving licence of sorts was issued to Karl Benz (who invented the modern car). Because his car was so noisy and smelly he requested permission from the authorities to operate his vehicle.

First Credit Card

The first credit card was issued by Diners Club in 1951. It was issued to 200 customers who could use it in 27 restaurants in New York.